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Roller Test Stand AC

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Product No.: 1100

HO-scale roller test stand designed similar locomotives that operate on AC current.

The stand consists of a 500 mm (approx. 10”) long high quality aluminium frame that on one side is mounted with a section of Marklin C-track to position the non-powered axles. The stand includes three sets of roller brackets; that arrangement is suitable for most locomotives and can be easily and fully adjusted. The roller bearings are fully encased and thus require little or no maintenance.

To avoid damage to furniture, the underside of the test stand is equipped with cushioning felt pads.
The test stand greatly simplifies servicing and final adjustments of AC locomotives and can also be used to test locomotives after they have been modified or repaired.
It is also of great help when testing analogue locomotives that need adjustment and maintenance or that have been converted to digital operation.
Locomotives that are permanently stored in a display cabinet or in their original boxes tend to have the problem that the lubricants will harden, which eventually causes the engine to seize up. These locomotives benefit from an occasional run on the test stand. This can be easily done without causing any wear and tear on the pick-up shoes.
The test stand is optically pleasing and offered here at a fair price. The picture shows the Standard version with 3 sets of roller brackets. These are adequate for the testing of most locomotives, however, larger ones; such as the “Big Boy” require two extra sets of roller brackets.
On the test stand, the AC locomotive can be powered either via the build-in C-track or, as shown in the picture, through a build-in connection point on the middle roller bracket. This also permits the testing of the smaller 3-axle locomotives. For AC powered locomotives with 4 or more powered axles additional roller brackets are needed. These can be purchased separately. When these are purchased together with the test stand, no additional postage will be necessary

When not in use for testing or maintenance, the stand is also ideally suited as an attractive base for the display of the most treasured items in a collection.

Please contact us if you have any other special requests; we will do our best to accommodate them.

The locomotives shown in the pictures are for illustration only and are not part of this auction.

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Tuesday, 10. March 2009.

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